Natasha’s Birthday

My Little Pony Birthday Cake

A while back it was my neighbour Natasha’s Birthday and I was asked to make the cake. Apparently My Little Pony is her new favourite so her mum had ordered a cake topper on line. I made my trusted Victoria Sponge Cake with raspberry and cream filling and used a thin layer of vanilla butter cream  to fix the cake topper to the cake. I thought it looked really festive and Natasha liked it, which is all that matters!

Victoria Sponge Cake


Spicy Victoria Sponge Cake

Ginger Victoria2

I fancied a change  to the traditional Victoria sponge cake and thought I would try to combine it with the flavours of the ginger thins I made the other day and came up with this cake. I added 2 big teaspoons of cinnamon, 1big teaspoon of ginger and a small teaspoon of cloves to the sponge mixture.  In the middle, instead of using raspberry jam, I used cranberry jam (1/2 jar) and whipped cream (250ml). The only problem was the size of the cake that ended up serving 12 not 2 so had to split it and find some guinea pigs to help out with the eating. I am lucky to have such accommodating neighbours.

Ginger Victoria