Meringue cake

Meringue cake

Meringue cake

150grams butter soft not melted
6 egg yolks
2.25teaspoons baking powder
225ml sugar
225ml flour
7.5 tablespoons milk

6 egg whites
325ml sugar

Filling:250ml whipping cream
300g raspberries (frozen are fine)

Put baking paper in a very large deep oven tray.

Beat the egg yolks and sugar until whitish and fluffy. Gently add the remaining ingredients.
Pour mixture into the oven tray.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff, start to gradually add sugar (whilst keeping wisking) and you should see the mixture starting to get shiny and even stiffer, you know you are done when you can mike spikes in the mixture and they stay up. (You should be able to turn bowl up side down, or at least stick to sides of bowl if you tilt it when mixture is done.)
Spread on top of bas and cook in oven on 175oc for 20min then reduce the heat to 150oc and leave in for another 15 min, you might have to cover the cake if the top gets too brown.

The easiest thing is to put the cake in the freezer once cool down as this makes it much easier to remove the baking paper. (You can leave the cake in freezer for few days if you want to make it in advance or not eat all the cake in one go).

When you want to eat the cake take it out from freezer and remove baking paper, cut cake in two. Whip cream at least with some sugar or vanilla sugar if you have some. Add whatever filling you like with the cream (for example strawberries/raspberries/lemon curd) and spread on one of the cake halves, put the other cake on top and the cake is done.


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