Ginger thins and Marzipan Swirls

Ginger thins and Marzipan Swirls

Ginger thins and Marzipan Swirls

200g ginger thin dough (recipe)
140g marzipan
100g ground almonds
0.5 – 1 egg white

Prepare the marzipan mixture by grating the marzipan into a large bowl. Add the ground almond and mix well. Gradually add egg white until the mixture forms a dough. Leave to rest for a minute.

Place the ginger thins dough between two sheets of cling film and flatten to 1-2mm thick rectangular ( approximately 150mm x 300mm).
Repeat with the marzipan mixture.
Place the marzipan over the ginger thin and roll from the short side like a Swiss roll to get a 150mm long roll. Wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Pre heat oven to 225oc.

Place baking paper on two oven trays.
Cut the roll in as thin slices as possible and place on the trays, slightly adjusting to form the biscuits to circles.
Bake in the middle of the oven for 5minutes.

Leave to cool on a wire rack.Store in a airtight tin and eat within a couple of days.


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