Chocolate Cake Dalek


All my bananas had been used up making several banana cakes earlier in the week so changed the plan and made a chocolate Daled. The cake was based on my Victoria Sandwich recipe x2.5. It took much longer in the oven than I had expected, the base recipe said approximately 30minutes so I had expected about 60….what a mistake it was more like 100minutes!! I was pleased that the cake came out of the mould in one piece, having looked at other posts some said it was almost impossible. I think that the middle section of the Dalek will be tasty but the head appears to be very hard due to the big difference in cake thickness in the head compared to the base. As it was mainly a cake test not a decorating test I just decorated it with my cupcake icing that I had added some black food colouring to. I think it looks quite good for a first attempt. The taste test will be tomorrow at my husbands work….Will try to make it as a jelly cake or an ice cream cake next time.


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