Apple Compote and Apple Cake

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I have been busy using up all the apples I have been given recently. Have a freezer full of apple compote, it is such a quick way of making the apples keep throughout the winter. Just peel the apples, roughly chop them and place in a microwavable safe bowl, add a bit of sugar and lots of cinnamon. Then heat for 10minute intervals until you have the consistency you like. Once it has cooled it can be frozen to be used later in yoghurt, porridge, cakes or on its own with milk.
Couldn’t help to feel a bit too healthy so made a cake too. Last year when I visited my sister, her husband Pelle made us a lovely apple cake. I was told that it was a secret recipe but as I live so far away I was entrusted with it. Turned out that it was a take on a recipe he had found on but he had added syrup to the topping to get a bit of a toffee flavour to go with the apples. I think this is one of the nicest apple cakes I’ve tried, and our friends who were given some yesterday seemed to agree 🙂


Traybake Saturday

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Working my way through the big bag of apples I was given last weekend. Most of them have been stewed with cinnamon to go with my breakfast yogurt but made a big apple traybake too. Then I had a chocolate craving so made a chocolate traybake, I keep forgetting that traybakes are quite big, especially when there is only two of you. Good thing the apple cake can be frozen so we can have that warmed up on a cold autumn days and the chocolate cake was forced upon the neighbours.