Charity baking

2013-09-27 09.02.01

Some girls at work had arranged a cake and coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support last Friday so I made a couple of cakes. As there was another event on the Saturday I made two of each cake. Apparently the almond cake (also known as Oscar II cake) was much appreciated. Also made my favourite the sticky chocolate cake with ganache think that went down quite well too.
Been given lots of apples and got some oranges the other day so feel some more baking coming on. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Happy memories

Raspberry and Vanilla Muffin Mint Icing
Uploading old recipes is a good way to remember happy events like this one, when I made lots of green mint chocolate muffins and red vanilla and raspberry muffins to create a very hungry caterpillar. Children books and nursery rhymes were the theme of the baby shower I had for my sister when she was pregnant with my first nephew. Unfortunately it was a mad rush to get everything ready before all the guests arrived so I never got a picture of the completed caterpillar but at least there are photos of the individual cakes 🙂

Back to school

Well I have a few more weeks of freedom before I go back to Uni. I am expecting it to be a tough year as I will be doing my final year of my MSc, combine that with work and I can’t see too much free time to make cakes 😦
But I am hoping to have uploaded all the cake recipes from by big blue folder before then, the breads and ice creams and food from my living on a (very) tight budget will have to wait to another time, for now here are my latest cakes:

IMG_6269 IMG_7036 IMG_7062

All gone….

before I even got a photo….

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Had lots of family over a couple of days ago and I knew this was a favorite. Experimented by putting a bit of oats in the crumble with great success, using real butter is always a better choice too when making crumbles, well the picture says it all. More family is coming to visit tomorrow so I am thinking of making a Victoria sandwich with blackberries and whipped cream, I will let you know how I get on.