Some success and some not so much….

Last week started with my rhubarb and strawberry cordial fermenting in the hot British summer….I had been looking forward to having a cold drink in the garden, never mind, it is only failure if you admit defeat so I sieved off the fruit, put the juice in a demijohn added sugar and yeast and now hoping for nice wine instead 🙂 Had intended to try to make a blackberry cake, but ended up with 15jars of jam instead trying to convince myself that that will keep longer than a cake. Had some left over so made some apple and blackberry cordial too, under strict control to ensure that didn’t end up as wine too.
Then it was back to baking for the cake party, made some really pretty individual cakes
IMG_7036                  IMG_7062

and also my favorite blueberry and raspberry pie (well tart but it is a Swedish recipe and they call it paj)


The cake party didn’t go quite to plan, a lot of our friends were away but that left more cake to be eaten by the kind friends that did show up and we had no complaints so the week in the kitchen ended better than it started. Someone even ordered a chocolate cake for a party so delivering that tomorrow 🙂


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